Bashar Al Issa


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Bashar was born in Kuwait to Iraqi father, enjoyed a high-rolling lifestyle with connections at the highest level. After the Gulf War he have spent a months developing regeneration schemes with the then President Jalal Talabani, and Prime Minister Nouri Al-Malaki. 
He is the founder of One Planet Society that shelter people in need and support to them to achieve their life goal through enhancing their career. Bashar’s goal is to help people in need achieve their personal goals and offering them dignified solutions.

Bashar journey from hero to zero, from luxury to incarceration. From safety to war. Gives him insight on what life is and respects everyone’s dream.

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Published in SCORE book by Royal Bank of Soctland


“Unpretentious approach toward its fellow human being is to promote equality of rights and the need to unify the globe in order to abolish all types of prejudices : e.g. prejudice of gender, race, sex, religion, expression of thoughts, value, culture, colour, class, sex orientation, age, marriage and many others..”



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OPS Testimonials



I would like to express my thanks one planet home. I was about to be made homeless and One Planet Home took me in with no deposit or difficult applications. I was took in and done the paperwork the next day. So I was not left out on the streets. I was offered a warm clean space where I can feel at home with free Wi-Fi and a television that is also close to the local shops. It is overall a friendly environment with very friendly tenant and staff. I am currently being supported to live independently and I feel as though this has been a big step in my life towards a better future for me with the help I have been given.



Since moving into 1 Milbank Street, I feel my life has massively improved. I am learning how to cook and clean and look after myself and are learning to live independently. When I was first came to my room was spacious, warm and clean upon arrival.

I was provided with breakfast to help me start my day and simple necessities were provided in my room.

I can’t thank Bashar Al Issa enough for all the help and support he has given me at One Planet Home and is still continuing to support me to a better life style.



I would like to express my thankful testimonial for all the support at One Planet Home and its founder Bashar Al Issa for all the transformational support I have received to date. I was homeless with no support I was allowed to move into a warm and safe environment. Upon arrival I was mate by support worker who showed me to my room. The room was spacious, warm and tidy. I got enrolled into college with the help of my support worker and guidance about which subject I am interested in and like to pursue. I feel this place as helpful to me a lot and is still helping me into a better lifestyle.

Life Coach Testimonials


“There are many life coaches in my life but Bashar’s clear vision and focus towards my inner self needs changed my life that given me invaluable life changing coaching and advice.
I think if one could get his few hours in his/her life it would strategically change the path of life towards excellence.”




“Bashar is much dedicated person towards his clients.
The amount of discovery I have uncovered about myself with Bashar is beyond any words I can find. He is intelligent, kind and very talented.
I recommend him highly as a coach to people as he can add great value in their life to all.”




“Bashar is one of the best coaches I have ever met. He has many aspects of life experience and extremely patient with is guidance. His life experience from all levels of business and his unique experience of incarceration gives him a world of knowledge to draw from. I enjoy every moment of my time with this well composed man.”



“Bashar has given me the best guidance that a life coach can ever give to anyone.
I was worried that he was younger than and cannot relate to my needs and add to my life experience. However, his vast knowledge in business and life experiences are invaluable.
As a life coach I highly recommend him to all that can get a few hours in coaching.”



“Bashers real skill is to see the big picture. You may come along with a particular question to him on how to solve a problem, but he’ll get you thinking if you should even be solving that problem and where your energy should be best spent. There are many wannabes in the coaching arena but the difference with basher is that he has been there and done it on a monumental scale-and he suffered the downsides more than most but turn them around. You won’t get standard coaching from Bashar, but you may just get something that could be life changing”



“Those days when I was under depression, fortunately I came to know about Mr. Bashar Issa who inspired me lo live this life in better way, passing the past misfortune. Now I have a motto in my life and to achieve this.  I would be always grateful to him and say thanks to God who sent him in my life when I was extreme need of him.”