Directed & Produced by Bahar Issa

Crux (2012) is an independent horror film starring Katie Alexander Thom, Johnny Sachon and Daphne Quah featuring teen gore, exciting fear of the unknown and fresh blood all set in the picturesque Lake District. The film is the first feature film directed by Bashar Al Issa.

“Six students go on a weekend camping trip to the lake district, to enjoy a few days of freedom before they go back to university.

Having been warned by a local to camp in a different mountain range they carry on regardless, walking into a trip that will change their lives forever.

Fun turns into to fear as the group find themselves running for their lives from the unknown.

As tensions grow between the remaining group members who will have the survival instinct to make it out alive… “



Six students re-unite after their first semester at college, they decide a weekend camping trip is the best way to reconnect and catch-­‐up, enjoying a few days of freedom before they go back to their studies. After a night of partying, the six companions set of on their journey, excited, full of spirits and with the intentions of a crazy trip; where they can get wasted, reunite old flames and have some good old fashioned fun.

It isn’t until the group is deep in the wilderness of the mountains that they realize they are not alone, and they’re walking into a trap that will change their lives forever.

“Crux is a spine chillingly scary blood fest about six teen friends who start out on a great adventure that slowly turns into their worst nightmare. Unexpected events begin to split the group up and soon the bloody terror begins as they realise there is a lot more going on in these mountains than they ever would have imagined. Friendships are challenged as the lives of these six individuals crumble in the wake of the terror, fear, confusion and guilt building in them as they begin to turn against one another, but if they don’t work as a team, then the pack hunting them will close in.. Fast! Every horror fan should see this true horror classic that bloody as hell. This movie is chillingly stunning. Teen camping trips will never be the same again!”


‘I want the horror fans to scream at the screen, to clench their fists and feel uncomfortable, that’s when I feel satisfied my job has been done and it was a ticket worth purchasing’ Director-­‐ Bashar Al Issa

Aoife Madden, producer and CEO of Evolved Pictures Ltd, chose this horror as the second feature film project for her company following the psychological thriller ‘A Landscape of Lies’ 2011. I wanted a chance to try and explore and stretch the horror genre a bit and not do just another “dead teenager” movie. I have a pretty dark sense of humor, and I like a film with more twists and turns than a fairground ride. A Landscape of lies is a good example of that. I just like the idea of people coming away saying ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming’ I think the horror fans will appreciate that. I worked successfully with Bashar on ‘A Landscape of Lies’ and so it was a natural progression for us to collaborate on another feature and I believed this was a great project to springboard his directing debut. Bashar had always had a passion to direct, ‘I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and find his work inspiring, having finished working with Aoife on the thriller, I thought it would be great to combine that genre with a slasher style movie with a Hitchcockian twist. So I took a lot of inspiration from his work, I like the idea that the audience tend to know more than the characters during the film.

Aoife Madden recalls, “The motivation, when we first started talking about the project, was the simplicity that sometimes what starts out as an innocent fun adventure can turn into an absolute nightmare, where we become completely out of our depth and human relationships breakdown under this stress and tension. The film is set in modern day Britain and explores teenage relationships and survival instincts. Aoife called upon her brother Jak Madden, who had consulted on ‘Landscape of Lies’ and wrote and direct ‘Sole’ 2011/12. Joe was very excited about the project and saw its potential as a horror classic, he discussed the plot line and character subplots extensively with Bashar who was very involved in this process. Once the script was in its final draft Bashar had a clear idea of the cast he wanted, both Bashar and Aoife were keen to work with new up and coming talent,
Aoife has been an actress for over a decade and has worked with some great talent, both in theatre and TV. “I can’t say what makes one person marketable and another not when they are both of the same caliber but I know there is a huge talent pool out there that is overlooked for one reason or another, and that’s a pool I’m happy to swim in”. Bashar also believes that new talent shouldn’t be counted out either, “independent film making means being creative, not just in the story telling but with those telling the story. I’ll always be up for diversity and giving opportunities in any project I’m involved in, that’s why I just couldn’t pass up putting new comers into leading roles.


















Directed & Produced by Bahar Issa





Production Team and Crew

Director/ Producer (AB Productions) – Bashar Alissa –-

Producer (Evolved Pictures) – Aoife

Associate Producer (Evolved Pictures) – Maeve

Production co-ordinator (AB Productions) – Ted

Production co-ordinator (AB Productions) – Tamara

Production co-ordinator (AB Productions)- Mike Delaney-

Line producer/payment processor – Osama

Script writer and supervisor – Tom

1st Assistant Director- Joe Madden –-

2nd Assistant Director- Ted Adams

DoP – Kieran

Gaffer – Greg McFarlane-King

Camera operator – Zaid Alkayat–-

Catering- Caroline Loughrey–

Fight choreographer- Ben

Editor- Marcello Paz– –

Head hair and make-up- Kiri Mellalieu-

Hair and make-up assistant- Marya

Hair and make-up- Becci Mapes-

Runner- Kaitlin Argeaux 

Video diarist- Nicholas Ross– –

Video diarist- Adam Richardson-

Stills photographer- Paul Carswell- –

Stills photographer-



Dr Stephens-  Tom Bonington

Amber- Aoife Madden

Lizzie- Maeve Madden

Emma- Rachael

Steve- Kelly George-

Kelly- Rikke

Freya- Mckenzie

Natalie/Alpha- Chloe Graham- –

Mrs. Landers/Beta- Egija

Ryan- Matt O’Leary– –

Bill- Adam

Ben- Tristan Loughrey –

Jessica- Jaqueline Madden –

Receptionist- Tamara

Girl in opening scene- Jessica